Saturday, January 19, 2013

the secret: book review

Saturday, January 19, 2013

what positive thinking can do for you

poor health, an empty bank account, arrogant bosses, gossip mongering officemates, low-paying job and a career that can’t get a ride to success top the list of incessant complaints thrown by people from all races, cultural and psychological background. you, being the hapless victim you think you are, complain endlessly, an addiction that comes as naturally as dependence on caffeine. the inquiries you make on life improvement prove futile. what gives? what if on one ordinary day, 24 of the world’s best teachers go up to you and tell you, “you can change all that and design your life to perfection. the secret has been with you for so long”. would you take the chance and ask to know it?

the secret, authored by rhonda byrne, remains one of my best-loved books after it became a bestseller in 2006. byrne, who created the film prior to the book, does not present a chesty self-help guide from a personal awakening but brings together publishers, authors, designers, ministers, and filmmakers to account for the power of the law of attraction. it is a life guidebook that shares what great thinkers like plato, socrates, victor hugo and sir isaac newton among others knew about the secret to a life of financial abundance, excellent health, meaningful relationships and the path to success.

the secret is a compelling revelation of how each one of us can make use of our energy to send the right message to the universe—where our thoughts are sent out to through a frequency. the law is far from complicated. positive thoughts bring about positive manifestations while negative thoughts bring about negative manifestations. if you wonder why something you don’t like keeps on manifesting, like for instance that inebriated neighbor who keeps showing up on your doorstep, the law will tell you that it is you who has been attracting that person to your home by sending out the wrong message to the universe. part of the secret is nixing the use of negation in your statements because the universe cannot process negation. the moment you invest on thoughts and emotions, the universe will simply give you what you’re asking for. instead of saying, “i don’t ever want to see that person again,” (which the universe will only hear as “i want to see that person) do something that does not require energy: simply stop thinking about your oppressor and rid yourself of negative thoughts.

the secret embosom the power of forgiveness; not by befriending a foe but letting go, and the intriguing power of laughter as a cure-all. patients have laughed their way out of cancer by doing away with the daily news of the unfriendly world and watching only what makes them laugh. one patient did nothing but laugh and invest on happy thoughts for three months and discovered all her cancer cells gone. the testimonials in the book are engaging and empowering that you would want to bring the secret anywhere you go and open a page whenever you need meaningful answers to your questions.

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