Sunday, July 6, 2014

excuse me while i plug noise into my ears

Sunday, July 6, 2014

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 when you’re happy and you know it, scream!

my two-year-old daughter seem to have found a correlation between screaming and good mental health, and thereby has been practicing her right to positive psyche since i don’t know when. my son, on the other hand, is on his way to becoming a musician (or sometimes an archaeologist or sometimes the world’s tallest man), so the sound of a screaming guitar escaping from an amplifier is very much part of our everyday. 

and well, there’s me with my usual domestic convulsions resulting to occasional semi screams and that makes me an active contributor to the noise in our abode. 

truth is silence disturbs me. clutter in our house has never appeared any clearer in my visions than the times i attempted to meditate.  when i close my eyes to float over rolling hills and green meadows, unwashed dishes, unmade beds and pieces of toys suddenly begin to appear in the greenery that i try so hard to paint with whatever little imagination i have. it washes away every chance nature has to present its magic to a person who’s nordic walking with ocd and restlessness for poles. 

meditation? it’s on my bucket list. in fact, it’s the only thing in my huge, forsaken bucket right now.

a couple of days ago, i discovered through it's a misteism kinds of beneficial noise—or noise that aids your concentration while you’re reading, studying and working. it’s also for when you need to experience peacefulness and it’s perfect for...meditating. ta-dah!

i’m listening to white noise right now and since i’ve only listened to pink, white and brown noise a few times, i yet have to find out which one will benefit me the most. i believe people react differently to sound frequencies so you might want to try and see what works best for you, too. 

you can go to simplynoise and tell me if it’s white, pink or brown for you. if you just prefer good music, i have a list of five songs that should marry your coffee break.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

5 songs that should marry your coffee break

Friday, July 4, 2014

i take my coffee slow and steady. the world stops as soon as i go on my self-programmed coffee time. well, why not?  i don’t understand how people could take hurried gulps with one foot already out the door when they’re drinking coffee. 
how i drink my coffee is simple: i sip, i think. i sip, i daydream. i sip, i discern. i sip, i listen to good music. 

so while you’re on your coffee break, here are five songs that can help you make the most out of it. it’s all or nothing. (click photo to listen)

lately by workshy

chrysta jones’ voice will remind you why we listen to music in the first place. i sniffed and snuffed a little when i watched her live. all my life i dreamt about seeing the source of this ethereal voice, and when i finally saw her in the flesh, i choked at how surreal every minute of that experience was. while i love all of workshy’s other songs, “lately” will always be on top of my list. and "in this neighborhood"...and...

tv in black and white (also known as living without you) by lana del rey

lana dela rey writes good poetry and i love how she lets mystery, passion, anger, lust and even nothingness bleed into her songs. hold your cup tight. you might want to sway to this sexy slow beat. this song is just one of her many unreleased songs.

voce by ive mendes

ive mendes owns the sexiest voice and she doesn’t even have to try to do anything for people to see/hear that. she’s considered the brazilian sade, but there’s something quite different with her sensual style. i scanned the face of the earth trying to get the title of this song for six months a couple of years ago and when i finally found it, the replay button unfriended me.

our time by lily allen

this is the part when you slowly release your frustration while waiting for the weekend. i don’t know why i like this song especially since it’s reminiscent of one of those spice girls songs we once all loved to hate. let me rephrase that. i like this song because it’s reminiscent of one of those spice girls songs we once all loved to hate. lovely voice lily allen has.

where does the time go by julia fordham

did you have an inkling there was going to be a fordham on this list? like watching chrysta jones, i also shed a few tears of joy when i watched julia fordham live. i always wondered as a young person if i’d ever see her in a live performance, and when i did it was just a dream come true. isn’t she amazing in so many ways? 

if you get to this part, please tell me what's on your current playlist. i always wonder what other writers listen to. 

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

how much i earn by blogging

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
allow this photo to give you the wrong idea

this is not a success story of a writer earning lots of money by blogging.  consider yourself warned.  

since i started blogging people have asked me how much i earned from it. 

“should i?”, “could i?” were two of my consistent replies. i didn’t give much thought about earning from it although at one point, i got curious and joined an asia-based blog advertising company. it was fun during the first two months since they hosted contests, and a lot of blog millionaire wannabes raved about the parties (which the 99% of my being refused to go to, no questions asked). i became nothing more than a spectator to people talking about things i couldn’t care about. i learned though how a certain brand of deodorant could change lives, yackityyackityyack. bloggers would be asked to write about their experiences with certain products as a ticket for them to become featured bloggers or become winners of something unobtainable in a normal non-blogging life (like a couple  of free starbucks coffee). 

besides their yuppie-looking logo on the face of my blog and a suffix to my virtual name when i signed up to become a member, i realized that there was nothing earth shaking in it for me, so i removed their logo and unlisted myself from their members page. 

along that i also removed another advertising company from my blog because my pages began to explode with highlighted/hyperlinked words. i replaced them with dainty blogger buttons and i found dalai lama in me.

“it isn’t much, but it’s okay”

i met a guy at a literary criticism seminar who told me that he was happy to be earning a little something from his blog. i have read success stories of bloggers who have left their day jobs to blog full time. i give them all virtual high fives for their success because i know it entails a lot of hard work, pr, popularity and dedication to earn from blogging. 

what i discovered later on was that opportunities for filipino bloggers and bloggers from other countries were way different. there’s  no such thing as a "universal rate" for pay-per-click methods and for all other schemes for bloggers out there. 

to start earning, you have to have at least 1,000 unique views in a day, and unless i reunited with 1,000 of my relatives everyday (dead ones included),  i was not going to get all the views that i needed even if i cried buckets. 

sacrificing content for marketing was nothing more but pure sacrifice for me.

i finally got to the bottom of how much mr. nice guy earned and it was less than 2usd per month. 

“it’s not much, but it’s okay,” he told me. 

“i believe you,” i replied earnestly.

so why the hell blog?

why the hell not? just because i can’t make a six-figure income from blogging does not mean i should be miserable doing it. i made such a fuss about it for some time when i was yet a benighted blogger who thought others had blog fairies and i didn’t. 

to date there are more than 164 million blogs and although a huge percentage of those who maintain blogs have all sorts of advice on “how to make money blogging”, there is only a relatively small community that's actually making money from it. 

content is king, but marketing is god. it’s a full time job and i have nothing grand to say to make readers turn my way, unless they want to know why my carbonara tastes so great. i may be blogging for ghosts, but these ghosts surprise me by writing me “thank you” letters and request for a few meaningful topics. my husband also discovered that in the realm of the blogging universe, a few people from other sides of the planet have actually  linked back to some of my articles and threw in subtle admiration for them, and it’s enough to make me feel like a million bucks.

purpose defined

i have defined my purpose as a blogger. my perdu existence has meaning to a very few readers and it’s all that matters to me. i have very much liked meeting other writers like you through ubc and i’m ever thankful to michele and michelle for hosting it. 

i blog because like french fries and coffee, it offers a lot of good vibes to my senses. i like it that it makes me happy and giddy and that i can do whatever i want to my page and not worry about advertisers and how many people are going to read me.

i write, not blog, for a living

so, how much do i earn blogging?


kill me for the cliché

do what you're passionate about and money will follow. if it's blogging then just do it and happy days will follow. in my case, i do something else in my life that allows me to earn enough to buy me a slice of cheesecake. that's more than i could ever ask for.
virtual high fives and happy july blogging to everybody!

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