Monday, January 28, 2013

my goodreads challenge for 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

what's your number?

my tendency to harry -- well,  me,  led to another challenge for the year. nope, i’m not running in a marathon, although i think it’s impressive that a lot of people i know have suddenly become runners in the last few years. i can only manage tai chi on some days and dance on other days and now i have to do a lot of reading on most days. i fantastically failed last year’s goodreads challenge because i got stuck in nicholi’s “question of god”.

how many books for this year? oh, i picked out a good number and that number is 37. i wonder how other people choose a number for the goodreads challenge. does it have anything to do with their reading speed? do they factor in their workload? for lack of mathematical skills to compute hours and books, and the dearth of creativity, i chose my age. so there, 37 books for this year.

gone were the days when i could read two or more books in one day. those were the days when time was not a strange thing…when 24 hours felt like 24 hours. the world was so much less demanding sans two kids, a husband, a writing career, a household to manage and homeschooling. i may sound like i’m complaining but i’m not. i wouldn’t have it any other way. 

i do my reading before i retire at night. more often than not, i drift off to dreamland after a couple of pages, but don’t scoff at my 37 books. these days, 37 books for me is the same thing as running one mile in red stilettos.

i began my challenge this year with richard paul evans’ timepiece. a relaxing read that will set me out on a smooth sail in this year’s challenge. if your hands are free right now, please send loads of luck and energy my way.

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