Thursday, September 26, 2013

ezkrima: fencing lessons in manila

Thursday, September 26, 2013

my son, cole, began taking up fencing lessons in ezkrima this year. i did not know much about fencing until he decided that he wanted to give it a try. so, your kid gets into a new sport or a new hobby and you end up googling about it like a maniac. agree?

my son took lessons from vier tajonera who was a gold medalist in the southeast asian games. coach vier and his team gave me more than enough reason to be happy with the decision that we made about fencing. you see, it’s a new path of discovery for my 11-year-old and we wanted to make sure that we sent him to the right people. there could be no better person than the one who had been out there and who already has conquered the world of saber fencing.
saber fencing coach vier tajonera
my son knew right away on his first tries that fencing was a sport that he’d want to take up seriously. i found so much joy on the fact that he has chosen not to chase a ball back and forth the court for a sport. i don’t think anyone in the family (and by anyone i mean including our ancestors) had ever developed the moxie for…well, chasing balls.

his fencing lessons were sweetly interrupted by our overextended stay here in boracay. there are no fencing lessons being offered on the island so that would have to wait until we go back home after summer of next year.
out with the fencing gear, in with the skim board
time flies like crazy even when you’re in a quiet place where time is supposed to stand still. so for now we’re just enjoying the island as much as we can. the rains only stopped today, a welcome blessing for our guest from new york. it’s been more than a week since the last time we went swimming. sun, come. just come.

if you are interested in letting your kids take up fencing lessons, all that you need to know is here.

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