Wednesday, January 2, 2013

thank you note

Wednesday, January 2, 2013
it's always sunny on the other side 

i shamelessly admit i'm still drowning in holiday whimsy, so please give me one more day of this fete going on inside my head and i promise i'll be back with both feet on the ground at 10:01 on the dot tomorrow morning. 

you just heard/read me talking to my other me. was it loud enough?

almost done with the leftovers and i'm now wolfing on the christmas pudding that came straight from australia (thank you, aunt sally!). i also have a pretty good feeling that a pink mojito is on its way to me. 

an old friend of mine who now lives somewhere in northern ireland got in touch with me last night with a bit of longing to come home. it's his first new year across the globe and he said he missed  the kind of holiday celebration that we have around here. the fireworks are crazy (so crazy that the mortality rate rises every new year's eve) and from where he and his wife are, the new year's celebration is one very quiet event. it's something that a person from my country will take a lot of getting used to.  pets, my college roommie and dear friend who moved to canada a few years ago also subtly complained this morning that they had a quiet new year's eve and told me, “nothing beats holidays at home.” 

to my family and friends who are far away from home, here's how we welcomed 2013... with a big, big bang and with big, big dreams for the year ahead. we dearly wished you were all home.

i did have complaints about the year that passed, but i have so much more to be thankful for. below is the thank you note that i sent out to the universe.

 dear mystical universe that i adore, i thank you...

for the gift of you watching over me and my family,
for good health (dandruff was the worst case scenario around here),
for the dream jobs that we no longer just dream about,
for friends who love us beyond facebook,
for all the cheap books that take us to all the places in the world,
for all the artistic people @ pinterest who always leave me hyperventilating,
for the gift of art that consumes everyone in my family in the sweetest way possible,
for the gift of knowledge through free online university,
for the food everyday that make our waistlines abominable to the sight of others,
for the food that make blissful our everyday,
for the silly fights that help us realize that silliness keeps our family together,
for the gift of humility passed on to us by my husband,
for love – even if we don't often understand why we're drowning in it,
for doc martin and dexter,
and even for the patience that i don't have yet

it may be gloomy around here at times but i know it's always sunny on the other side. here's proof.

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