Tuesday, January 29, 2013

“metro manila” gets sundance award

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
a film by sean ellis

metro manila, a film by british director sean ellis gets the world cinema dramatic audience award in the recently concluded sundance festival.

it’s piquing my curiosity how ellis tackled the issue of a destitute life in the philippines.  for most of us, the exodus from the province to metro manila, the hand to mouth survival, the danger of living among scofflaws is just another everyday story. 

the reviews i’ve read were a bit telling of some flaws in the film, but the actors were given high praises. i believe in the acting prowess of john arcilla who is one of the most respected actors in the industry. he also did a cameo for bourne legacy (which i found a bit disappointing). 

i’m saving my two cents and i hope i get my hands on this one, and many other indie films that i missed, soon. 

john arcilla in metro manila

production companies: independent, chocolate frog
cast: jake macapagal, john arcilla, althea vega
director: sean ellis
screenwriters: sean ellis, frank e. flowers
producers: mathilde charpentier, sean ellis
executive producers: sean ellis, enrique gonzalez, celine lopez
director of photography: sean ellis
production designer: ian traifalgar
music: robin foster
editor: richard mettler
no rating, 114 minutes

sundance film festival, sean ellis, metro manila, john arcilla, jake macapagal, althea vega, philippines

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