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a thousand thoughts swim in my head. i dance to them, i sing about them. i'm a fast runner, i swear i am. one day, my fish babbled all night and so the next day i ended up sleeping on the job. “i retire today,” i said, then out i ran. i caught Dream boarding a train to nowhere.  i ran after it and now i'm here to tell you about it.

i believe every red shoe has a story. every story is waiting to be told. that red shoe is the one on your bedroom floor; the one across the universe; the one that has flown over seas and mountains; the one that's next door. every red shoe has a story, and that story is you.

running in red stilettos is authored by fgmhb
yes, that long name belongs to me. i can pretty much sum up my life in four chapters: homeschooling advocacy, radical parenting, lifelong soul searching and moon worshiping.
i'm an inch close to completing a masters degree in communication management (of course that's me being overly optimistic), from which i will jump off to another form of learning. 

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e-mail: cure4mondays@gmail.com
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