Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new year's resolutions for the antsy

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

here's wishing everyone a fabulous new year! 

were any of you ever required to write down your new year's resolution on a piece of paper by your teacher? i did that my entire grade school and high school years. makes me wonder where those piles of paper ended up since there were hundreds of us trying real hard to make peace with the word “nice” at the end of each year. it's been decades since i wrote my last one but i sure remember so many of those resolutions that i made. 

after watching the display of fireworks from our balcony last night, i dug up my memory for past resolutions (fireworks never fail to inspire me) and i mentally picked up a piece of paper from 1992. here's what's written down on it. i will never speak one bad word ever again. i will study every night. i will never forget to pray. i will never be late for school. i will significantly cut down daydreaming time.

no, it was another paper that i used in the confessional box. 

the long break from resolutions came in college because i got stuck in the limbo years. when motherhood happened in 2001, that's when it all came back and i didn't have to wait for the turn of the year to make my resolutions... and i didn't have to write them down either. they came on a weekly basis and i worked harder on each item on my mental list. i just have to tell you though that up until now i'm still working on #5 from that antiquated list.

how far could you go with your new year's resolutions? antsy people (like me -- just had to say) have too much going on in their minds and in those webs of thoughts, new year's resolutions are difficult to find -- just like the best episodes of twilight zone. 

here are a few things that will help you stick to those resolutions and make 2013 your happy ever after. 

if you've just written down...

i will dominate the world once i've lost weight-->first, lose weight. that can be done by befriending those excess pounds. looking at yourself in the mirror and hating what you see will only stress you out, and stress eating tags along everywhere like a kid out of school. if the gym sounds like area 51 to you, start by setting realistic goals. don't make the gym a part of your itinerary. dance,  do jumping jacks, clean your house. if none of that works, consult a weight management specialist. i highly doubt it though if those ten-minute workouts  won't work. 

i will quit smoking for the love of my kids
-->heaven just sent you down... but only in thought. sure, you're the universe's gift to mankind for sincerely wanting that but i'm sure as hell your mind will play the part of lex luthor. quitting cold turkey almost always never works. find alternatives like herbal cigarettes and work your way up from there. 

i will have a nasty breakup with procrastination-->know (right now) why you procrastinate in the first place. re-asses your work space because if there's nothing within your reach that makes you giddy especially on mondays, then you're doomed. take yourself on a weekend trip and think about what really makes you happy. really. you might be killing yourself slowly by staying in your least favorite job in the last five years.

i will try something new every chance i get
-->create a calendar that will help you keep track of events, festivals and activities that you want to experience. setting aside a monthly budget is not a bad idea either. it's a great idea.

i will take the road less traveled-->great, because major thoroughfares are now clogged with people who are not even sure where they want to go. and oh, the less traveled road may lead you to your dream job, coveted relationship, whatnot. 

i will eat healthier-->understand what healthy eating means because you may be on the right track and not know it. fad diets may be bad (excuse the corny rhyme) so don't jump right into the band wagon without knowing what is the right diet for you. it does sound like a lot of work to see a nutritionist but you only have to do that once... if you're not naughty. 

i wish everyone the best of luck for the year of the water snake. cheers to everyone in the first ubc for 2013! thank you michelle shaeffer and michele scism for hosting such a great event. 

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