Saturday, January 19, 2013

mommypatch lemon drops mood alchemy

Saturday, January 19, 2013

guiding in the good vibes 

ever wondered how people from the ancient times dealt with bad mood? when i get into a huff i bug the husband; i make me a good cup of tea; i mope around the house; i turn on the boob tube and get angry at anyone on the screen; i grab a book and yell at the characters that i don’t like. or, i practice what i preach and go back to my list of simple pick-me-ups. but in most cases, the husband runs out to buy me a huge burger and peace comes to motherland. but how about them in the past whose diplomatic solutions did not include eating greasy burgers?
scents work miracles and miracles aren’t always contained in bottles. mother nature showered the earth with plants and flowers that appeal to the senses, to calm, soothe and give everyone an over-all sense of well being. scents have been doing their job since the beginning of time. 

in one of my trips to an organic store (a cute, well-contained space under the escalator of a mall), i found this interesting  card-type sprayer neatly tucked away among other divine scents. you wouldn't miss it because of its unique packaging. the clerk held my wrist up and gave it two quick sprays. thirty seconds later, i was a giddy owner of mommypatch’s lemon drops mood alchemy.

my reasons for loving mommypatch’s mood alchemy spray perfume:

  • tart and citrus scents are mood-friendly and i like to keep them close more than any other scent (the perfume spray also comes in dark vanilla, olive dream, merry berry and silk tea)

  • the scent reminds me of colognes that i grew up with and have remained my favorite to this day like bien-ĂȘtre, denenes, nenuco, para mi bebe, gotas de oro and clair matin

  • it stays on longer because it is concentrated and not alcohol based

  • the packaging is dainty and the card-type spray even fits among my bills in my purse

  • it’s heaven-scent and reasonably priced at php 180 ($4)

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