Monday, January 14, 2013

12 great songs for your playlist

Monday, January 14, 2013
sound-a-dozen: delight daily

do you know of that one person who’d shriek annoyingly when her best-loved songs suddenly played on mtv? that one person you’d be so delighted to shut out of your door because you couldn’t contain her abstruse convulsions and you’re afraid that she’d suddenly die an unforeseen death in your presence and you’d have no way of knowing what killed her? uh, well…that’s me during my mtv-crazed days. but i solemnly swear i started mellowing down when i began collecting my own cassette tapes and got oriented to the word “rewind”. in college, i declared unofficial ownership of my father’s cd player, so i was stripped off my rights to scream because the one-click replay button presented itself and life was never the same again.
here are 12 songs that silently cause me blissful convulsions (a medical term in my la la land). in my humble opinion, getting stuck in a single genre of music (and hating everything else)is the same way as allowing yourself to acknowledge that there is only one star in the entire galaxy. if you find yourself stumbling upon the words “manic” and “eclectic” then yes, you're in my room.

would love to listen to your playlist. care to share? 

this plays whenever i have dinner with dr. martin, dexter and private detective hercule poirot

"i don't think about you anymore but i don't think about you  any less" -- hungry ghosts

my morning kick off

"slow and steady"  -- of monsters and men

i destroyed the replay button on this one

"voce" -- ive mendes

is it possible to feel happy and sad at the same time? it's a "yes" whenever and wherever the sundays is concerned

"here's where the story ends" -- the sundays

my little girl's lullaby. hummed it to her all the time when she was a newborn. now she beams whenever she hears this and asks for a hundred replays

"en kort en lang" -- lisa nilsson

this one's for my girl friends

"beneath the surface" -- incognito

been listening to this song for decades and there isn't a single moment when i get tired of it

"noi" -- mike francis

my first job ever on this beautiful planet was  at a radio station as a dj. this brings back the best memories of the 90's

"shimmer" -- fuel

i just love how this one bores a deep, deep hole into my heart and brings me back to a place i don't have a name for. such sweet insanity

"wise up" -- aimee mann

been in love with this since it came out in 1989, and since then i dreamt of watching them perform live. when it finally happened in 2007, there's no telling how i went flying to a hundred heavens

"lately" -- workshy

i can't justify why i fall in love everytime i hear this song. i worked inside the library for six months doing research and for the strangest reasons, this kept me sane

"stereo" -- america

how far could you run when you're running real fast inside your head? don't you just love what dishwalla could do to you?

"counting blue cars" -- dishwalla

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