Wednesday, March 19, 2014

missing malaysian airplane and the odyssey of flight 33

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

when so-called images of the missing malaysian airplane began showing up on the internet, i couldn’t help but dismiss it as nothing more than another failed attempt to solve what now has become one of the biggest mysteries of our time.

a lot has happened since march 8 – the day when the malaysian airplane went missing. a lot has been said, but there’s still no plane in sight.

it was later found that two of the passengers had fake passports, and as expected, all sorts of theorists came out of their holes to put their best terrorist angles and plots out there. 

politics of course, will also ever be in the limelight. the families of the passengers threatened to go on a hunger strike until opposition leader anwar ibrahim admitted that he was related to the pilot of malaysia airlines mh370, captain zaharie ahmad shah. 

“he’s related to my son-in-law,” ibrahim finally admitted. but even the admission of a likely antagonist in an aerial drama has not helped in pointing to the direction of the missing plane. 

explosions in different areas were also “suspected to be a result of the malaysian aircraft crashing there”.

the plane is still missing.

don’t you find it infuriating that when something of global importance happens and theorists of all kinds suddenly crawl out from many different places? when the search for answers (or in this case the search for an airplane, a big, big one with 239 people in it) is in progress, speculations, assumptions, half-baked conclusions, theories and whatnot swell worse than the amazon river. 

i cannot imagine what it would be like as a family member or a friend waiting for an answer and you don’t get any even after a 12-nation hunt has been launched. never mind, i don’t want to know. 

and so... just a matter of curiosity, with all the likely suspects on board the missing aircraft, they just could not steer an aircraft to a direction where no one would notice, could they? if they say the plane changed direction, then all these technology that we have now has done nothing to detect a lost plane.

we are intelligent earthlings that go to places like space, and to lose a plane like that is simply unintelligible (i hope you did not miss “live from space” last weekend. i spent two hours envying koichi’s tiny waistline as he floated in space.)

a bizarre story i've always loved
a missing aircraft – with no possible traces of it – is one of the most bone-chilling news i’ve ever heard. “the odyssey of flight 33” has not escaped my mind for days since it happened.   

“the odyssey of flight 33” was one of my favorite twilight zone episodes first aired in the 1960’s. when i heard about the missing malaysian plane, it just hit home. 

barely an hour away from their destination at the idlewild airport, the (fictional) global airlines flight 33 begins to uncontrollably increase speed. captain farver and his crew noticed that they were crossing some kind of unexplainable barrier. radio communications begin to fail and all equipment malfunction. 

when the turbulence stops, they come to terms with something that’s beyond belief. they realize they are in an uninhabited place, and when the captain looks over from his window, he sees a dinosaur. 

flight 33 stays in the twilight zone. how it ends is bizarre and a nonpareil treat to believers of the unknown. 

“ and i know what has happened. so if some moment, any moment, you hear the sound of jet engines flying atop the overcast, engines that sound searching and lost, engines that sound desperate... shoot up a flare or do something. that would be global 33 trying to get home – from the twilight zone.”

--rod serling

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