Friday, January 25, 2013

levi roots' reggae reggae barbecue sauce

Friday, January 25, 2013

“put some music in your food”

"i will never forget that little paradise in jamaica and my saintly grandmother, who helped to make me the success i am now."--levi roots

we all have rock stars in our kitchen.  mine happens to be a barbecue sauce that flew in all the way from london a couple of years ago. if the husband didn’t come back with a rockin’ bottle like that it would have been a tad difficult to forgive him for being gone for three weeks. i was at that time a ginormous pregnant woman with a 40-inch waistline. 

our reggae reggae barbecue sauce by levi roots has since then been flirting with our roasts, and we made all kinds of excuses so we could also use the sauce in many other different dishes. none of them ever turned out disappointing. we’ve even used it on vegetables, and yah man, the sauce turned them into happy, yummy little greens!

"i loved the music, the food, the colours."

the now huge brand reggae reggae jerk sauce had its humble beginnings in the kitchen of levi roots in brixton where he got help from his seven lovely children. in 1991 at the notting hill carnival, “rasta raunt” was born when levi created a fusion between his two passions: food and music.

for 15 years, banks and investors closed their doors on levi because they thought that the brand was “too black”.

one day, he was spotted by a bbc researcher who invited him to appear in dragon’s den, a show that he’s never heard of before. his kids begged him not to go, telling him that the show would just “tear him to pieces”.

but following his mother’s wishes who asked him to go and come back as a “dragon slayer”, levi went to the dragon’s den with a huge chunk of faith in his heart. he did leave the show as a dragon slayer.

the levi roots brand is now sought after for its table and cooking sauces, chilled meats and whatnot.

“i want to spread the word that if a black brixtonian rastafarian can make it with just a sauce, then you can make it too.”

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