Tuesday, September 8, 2015

the taste of okra

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Can anybody really explain the taste of okra?

looking back now, my son came up with some sort of a description of the taste of okra. he's known for his complex analogies on food and their different tastes, and he had this to say about our soup one night:

“when you first taste it it’s just like water, but if you let it stay longer in your mouth you will begin to realize that it tastes wonderful. it came from one source but they have different tastes  inside your mouth. mommy, this soup is like parallel evolution.”

there isn’t a day when we don’t have okra on the dinner table. my kids love to eat vegetables and my daughter who's four years old now, would even trade cookies for white onions when she was one.

my then eleven year old’s review of okra?

“it’s the taste of emptiness.”
photo by koshersamurai

i love the smell of wasabi. if i’m not eating it, i’m sniffing it. so dipping okra in soy sauce with wasabi is like sitting between  conan o’brien and dexter -- a description of a great experience.

according to our food guru, “the taste of wasabi is complicated.”

no further explanation to that. no implosion or explosion of flavors. just that…wasabi tastes complicated. 

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