Monday, January 21, 2013

hitting icebergs –- along timog

Monday, January 21, 2013

what business did my son and i have traveling 17 kilometers to get to quezon city on a humid thursday?

we wanted to hit icebergs.

i was scheduled to do an interview with a revered feng shui practioner for an article that i was developing for the magazine. my son also wanted to try the famous frozen offering of icebergs so off we went on a horribly humid day. on our way to timog, dr. ang called to say he'd be an hour late. his prior appointment kept him and he couldn’t take another step without having lunch first, unless i was okay with him passing out on me during the interview.

that’s what i call a fortunate unfortunate event because that gave us an hour to discover icebergs. the restaurant has been around since 1986 and started out as a small shop with only five tables offering cold delights. business picked up quickly and the rest was history.

we voted to have a second lunch (a sure win, with the first one taken three hours before the trip) and icebergs’ menu had a lot to offer for weighty lunches. to help us decide quickly, we narrowed down our list to the “bestsellers”.

my son ordered sisig (broiled and chopped pig ears and cheeks) and i went for the tacos. sisig might sound like something that you wouldn’t want to put on your plate but it’s as popular as the president here and could be quite unforgettable -- if you find the right chef to cook it for you, that is.

icebergs' sisig

the sisig lived up to its bestseller reputation. the meat was tender and was not dry, certainly a pleasure to the bite. sisig could be a pretty versatile dish so there are several versions of it. i’ve tried the sweet, dry and spicy versions. icebergs’ wasn’t sweet and what a delight that was. i’m generally not a big fan of sweet dishes. i know how cole’s sisig tasted because i reached out across the table and dug in.

my tacos were a different story. i wasn’t too thrilled with the soft shell, and the absence of cumin, paprika and jalapeno pepper didn’t hit the spot for me. it was not bad, it just was too different a version of tacos and more like good spaghetti sauce with veggies stuffed in taco shells. i like my tacos sinful with spices and the whiff of mexican chilies.

tacos sans the chilies

the oreo banana split will speak for itself. the server forgot to top our delectable oreo banana split with oreo of all things, and yes, we really had to get them. so he came back with a smile and this time with the lovely duo on top of our dessert.

oreo banana split

budget for two: php 400-500

tutuban center mall, santana grove, harbour square (near picc)

quezon city
banawe, timog avenue, metrowalk complex, trinoma

sm branches
sm city north edsa, sm fairview, sm moa, sm by the bay

robinsons branches
robinson's galleria, robinson's place ermita, robinson's midtown

contact number: 415-6778

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