Monday, November 25, 2013

tory burch denim t-bar wooden wedge sandals

Monday, November 25, 2013
every girl has got to have one!

what fun and fearless pair of shoes do you have? i would not (in my rare sane state of mind) usually grab just anything from my shoe corner especially if i have my two-year-old in tow. if a pair requires certain skills, such as not tripping while wearing high heels, or in this case, not tottering while wearing a gorgeous tory burch denim t-bar wooden wedge sandals, then i leave it for my "me" time (which again, rarely happens). this pair is like the friend that you want to keep for life. they go with a great pair of jeans, skirts, even leggings and casual trousers, but only if you could pull off the look.

the tory burch denim wedge sandals do not only look sexy, they have in them the power to make you feel sexy. even if you have to wait in a long queue at the grocery, trust me, you'd still feel the most fabulous human being that ever walked the planet. the gold eyelets and designer-stamped loops complete the gorgeous look of this 70's-inspired footwear.

a must have? definitely. 

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