Sunday, July 6, 2014

excuse me while i plug noise into my ears

Sunday, July 6, 2014

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 when you’re happy and you know it, scream!

my two-year-old daughter seem to have found a correlation between screaming and good mental health, and thereby has been practicing her right to positive psyche since i don’t know when. my son, on the other hand, is on his way to becoming a musician (or sometimes an archaeologist or sometimes the world’s tallest man), so the sound of a screaming guitar escaping from an amplifier is very much part of our everyday. 

and well, there’s me with my usual domestic convulsions resulting to occasional semi screams and that makes me an active contributor to the noise in our abode. 

truth is silence disturbs me. clutter in our house has never appeared any clearer in my visions than the times i attempted to meditate.  when i close my eyes to float over rolling hills and green meadows, unwashed dishes, unmade beds and pieces of toys suddenly begin to appear in the greenery that i try so hard to paint with whatever little imagination i have. it washes away every chance nature has to present its magic to a person who’s nordic walking with ocd and restlessness for poles. 

meditation? it’s on my bucket list. in fact, it’s the only thing in my huge, forsaken bucket right now.

a couple of days ago, i discovered through it's a misteism kinds of beneficial noise—or noise that aids your concentration while you’re reading, studying and working. it’s also for when you need to experience peacefulness and it’s perfect for...meditating. ta-dah!

i’m listening to white noise right now and since i’ve only listened to pink, white and brown noise a few times, i yet have to find out which one will benefit me the most. i believe people react differently to sound frequencies so you might want to try and see what works best for you, too. 

you can go to simplynoise and tell me if it’s white, pink or brown for you. if you just prefer good music, i have a list of five songs that should marry your coffee break.

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