Tuesday, December 3, 2013

shoe wish list slash must-haves

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
women will always have an affinity for shoes beyond the comprehension of others (unluckily) not diagnosed with shoe enslavement. as in many other forms of addiction, we salivate, palpitate and sometimes may suffer from convulsions.

my friend asked, “what is it about women and this insanity for shoes?”

i scanned my head for an acceptable answer but i could not find anything that would sound just to a man who, from time to time, needs to burn his wallet to buy his girlfriend a “much needed” relaxant. 

this was how far i went trying: “a pair of high heels might be killing me halfway through my day, but what the world only sees is the happy, content me. if there is one thing that magically erases negative feelings and thoughts, it’s shoes.”

my friend looked far outside the window and brought the cup of coffee to his lips. i knew he did not get the answer that he was looking for.

one thing is for sure though. you can never go wrong following a woman’s wish list. here’s a list made simple, and which also doubles as a “must-haves” list. 

suede booties
comfort and style equals a happy marriage for the tootsies

nude peep-toes
gives an illusion of elongated legs and goes well with all colors

ballet flats
a wear anywhere, everywhere, with-any-outfit kind of shoes

black city boots

for a classic comfortable, chic, cool look

canvass sneakers

never live without one

black pumps
for days when "sexy" becomes an operative word

platform wooden sandals

read about it here

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