Friday, November 15, 2013

what is your story?

Friday, November 15, 2013
let me travel with you...through your stories
i have weaved a hundred stories in my head. stories about me, my life, and stories that i wish were mine. i own a lot of stories but i get lost in my own plots. my mind is just as restless as the pen that i can’t stop from tapping rhythmically on my desk while i’m thinking. or daydreaming. i really can’t tell between the two sometimes. oh, the pen? no i don’t really write with it. i use it to remind me where i am at and what i intend to do, which i never get around to doing most of the time these days. i try to find the perfect words to write knowing that that is what people want to read. or breeze through. or whatever. criticism is a business that earns—monetarily and otherwise. in this day and age, bashing has become an official proof of income. the more insults you hurl, the more you earn. there are no proper mechanics to this but anyone who is living through this fantastic age of the internet knows what i’m talking about.

pour, stir. i sit listening to the hushing of the sea, very slowly sipping my coffee. then i realize that the thoughts that follow me sometimes are not my own. oh how silly of me not to recognize the humming in my own head. i am yearning , almost praying, to sit down with someone to listen to. i want to listen to other people’s stories—your story—whoever may be reading this right now. when you’re at it please do not be too kind to organize your thoughts. don’t sequence your life to make it sound unerring (supposing you think it is uninteresting) because i just want to listen to every little thing. i want to know who you are, where you’ve been, the different kinds of people that you have met, what kind of fellows  you loved sharing your coffee with, the food that made you sick, the book that made you cry, the train ride that made you want to jump out of, the thoughts that hum like a thousand bees in your head. i just want to listen.

and oh, i may interrupt once in a while, but don’t let me bother you. go on like you don’t hear me at all.

so...what is your story?
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