Wednesday, September 11, 2013

throwback thursday

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

is it thursday yet?

the husband does not find joy in skimming through other people’s lives. but there is absolutely no need to dragoon him into checking our personal pages from time to time because there’s a wife who can’t stop herself from sharing the quirks of two wonderful people who really matter to him. they are aptly called “our children”.

two thursdays ago, he suddenly asked me, “why are there so many old photos on facebook?” 

i myself just recently understood this phenomenon called “throwback thursday”. it’s that time of the week when everyone picks out something from the grave and publicly shares them through facebook and twitter. (i’m only briefly explaining it here in case there are  still naïve people co-existing with us.) it used to be a twitter thing until facebook caught up and now old photos are just about everywhere.

i think that 95% of these photos tend to humiliate more than serve their chunk of nostalgia. but dang, it’s the only ticket i have back in time when pores and cellulite did not exist so no, i’m not yelling “nay!”

besides it being a whale of a trend, i must admit “throwback thursday” is a wonderful moment that allows friends to reconnect, reminisce and compare notes on their aquanet-welded bangs. my favorite aspect of it really is when old photos of adversaries bring them back to a time when conflicts did not exist. such sweet revelry!

i got my own share of throwback surprises when my 19-inch waistline started showing up on facebook.  friends and family have posted old photos, which unfortunately had me in some of them. one was of me in an overdone scandinavian long dress. jesus, what was up with that? oh i remember now…that must have been my pre-madonna stage. 

i can remember bumping into my mother’s friends a few years ago and i was cordially informed that i had not changed one bit since high school. “you mean i never turned into a swan?!” was the most decent answer that i could come up with.

so much for a throwback. oh, one last thing...

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