Friday, September 20, 2013

friday the 13th

Friday, September 20, 2013

have you ever had a couple of neighbors come knocking on your front door, and who gladly step inside as soon as you open the door, help themselves in without even saying “hello” and mysteriously see past through you? yes you, sam wheat. you.
if that is not weird enough, they start knocking on your walls and floors.  being the earthling that you are, you let out a scream: “what on earth are you two doing?!” then you realize only your imaginary friend hears that because you’re too polite to give two old people a heart attack. 

you stand there, first amused, then upset. then something tells you this is not an episode of punk’d. you wait. they move up to one of your room upstairs and once again start knocking. you notice the floors are the particular interest for this trip. you look down and congratulate yourself for a job well done on floors that speak well of your germaphobia.

yes, you open the door because they’re the harmless people next door…next to those coconut trees and bushes anyway. the old man speaks with an accent that’s too strange for a white guy. his wife, who is filipina,  has an equally strange accent. you don’t know how they’re talking but they’re talking and you’re not sure if they’re even speaking the same language. you pray, “oh god, i have not prepped this house for their coming.”

they leave without saying a word. no “thank you” and “you’re welcome” are exchanged between their party and yours. then, you sit and wait for UFOs to come flying over your house.
as of this writing, I still am not sure what are in our walls and floors that warrant the knocking of our alien neighbors.

followed by the number 6
so the dreaded number “6” follows me around on friday the 13th. lucky me, huh? when i opened my mail first thing in the morning, i was cordially informed that i had 6666 unread emails. i thought, if they say 666 is the devil’s number then could an extra 6 mean i’ve gone past the devil and will win the lottery? 

in the afternoon, i was writing a major article. at around five o’clock, i checked my word count and it said 666. to me that only meant i was 134 words to completion. for my superstitious friends, it could mean bad luck. or worse, a huge zit could come sitting on top of my nose on saturday...the 14th.

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