Friday, April 24, 2015

daily look's little black dress

Friday, April 24, 2015

moving to a new house drained loads of my energy. there is nothing that i want more now than a sweet little break to celebrate a brand new start and to unwind from all the packing, unpacking and all the tasks that got squeezed in between. lazy walks and late coffee nights enjoying the cool breeze of antipolo—and soon, would absolutely do me wonders.

and for a change, i'd like to toss my jeans aside for a little black dress.

i opened my wardrobe ninja-style (this was before hauling my clothes into boxes four weeks ago) just in case a leprechaun decided to live in there rent-free after i had neglected it for the more handy t-shirt cabinet for the longest time. but nope, no leprechauns, only dresses collecting dust in the dark. 

my wardrobe (seriously) needs revamping and i’m getting a lot of help from dailylook. there is a feast of gorgeous little black dresses going on at dailylook and i am absolutely in love with the richie shift dress. a black dress in warmer weather is workable with the right material and this is what this dress is all about. the v-neck looks sultry, however, not too revealing. and notice how the dress just drops comfortably sans the tight spots here and there? that is love. 

i would choose any black dress any time as long as i could wear it with ballerina flats, sneakers or espadrilles. here’s a little black dress ensemble that i put together after dailylook invited me to feature my own style in their style sets. there is no replacement for all the rustic, chic moon-themed accessories if your style in fashion is personal, light and carefree like mine.

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