Monday, July 29, 2013

boracay bed and breakfast

Monday, July 29, 2013


this was where the four of us said “i do”
the question simply was, “do we want a home here?”

the four of us were enjoying a long walk towards the south tip of the long beach in boracay a few days before our flight back to manila when our 11-year old son popped the question: “how can we bring back all the shells and pebbles we collected in the last two weeks?”

i wasn’t sure if he was worried if we’d be allowed to take them out of the island or if we’d be charged extra for “excess baggage” which of course i knew would oddly be the case. my husband’s answer was brief, simple and exhilarating for the three of us who stood under the drizzle.

“then we don’t leave,” he said smiling.

days and weeks passed and friends and family began asking if we were staying for good. my only answer was “we’re here and we’re there. we can’t bring the beach to manila and we can’t bring manila to the beach.”

you see, we believe that life is a journey and home for us is anywhere as long as we’re together.  and so, we made the decision to make boracay our home, too.

we would love to share our home with those who will be making their own journeys to this side of the philippines, whether it's a long one or a very short getaway. read and share about our bed and breakfast here:

cole & attika boracay bed and breakfast

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